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Rubbermaid Waterless Urinal $199.00 Each
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Waterless urinal system featuring an innovative, cost saving cartridge that lasts 10 years


  • Environmentally Superior
  • 100% Waterless design
  • Conserves 40,000 gallons of water per urinal per year
  • Long-lasting cartridge reduces the amount of plastic placed in landfills
  • Improves Hygiene
  • Touchfree operation eliminates high-risk cross-contamination touch points
  • Waterless operation significantly reduces moist surface areas where odor-causing bacteria thrive
  • EcoBug enzymes proactively prevent odor-causing bacteria growth
  • No handles to touch, no sensors to install or adjust, no moving parts at all!
  • Manufactured under Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001:2000 
  • IAPMO Certified in compliance with ASME A112.19.19-2006 and ASME A112.19.2-2008/CSA B45.1-2008
  • 14 length x 19.38" width x 26.13" height (55 lbs. Each)

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